Jean Peters Baker for Prosecutor


Thanks for visiting my campaign website. I’m proud to be the Jackson County Prosecutor. When the former prosecutor was appointed to serve as a Judge, County Executive Michael Sanders set up a public vetting process to find the best candidate for this important post. I was honored when he chose me.

At the time of my appointment, I’d been serving as a Missouri legislator. It was an honor and privilege to serve the citizens of the 39th District. Few positions in life offer the opportunity for such direct participation in the public policy-making process like the role of an elected State Representative. The Jackson County Prosecutor’s office has been a huge part of my life. I’m grateful to former Prosecutor Claire McCaskill for hiring me as an intern nearly fifteen years ago. She taught me how to be a great prosecutor and I continued my service through the next three elected prosecutors before heading to the Missouri Legislature. And now, as Jackson County Prosecutor, I pledge to continue to serve you by passionately and fairly seeking justice in our community.

I’m a tenacious litigator and a compassionate advocate for the victims of crime. I’ve worked tirelessly to convict some of our most violent and dangerous criminals and have developed a reputation as an ethical, fair, persistent, and no-nonsense champion for the families I’ve represented. I’m also a consensus-builder and able to find common ground with people of differing opinions.

As your Prosecutor I’m committed to doing everything in my power to strengthen our community. And I’m seeking new ideas on how to communicate with you as your Prosecutor. Please feel free to share your input and ideas on how I can best serve the entire Jackson County community. Feel free to share your ideas on our Facebook page.

I’m excited to be seeking re-election so that I can continue to serve Jackson County as your prosecutor. I hope you’ll join me in this effort and volunteer on our campaign. Thanks again for visiting and stay on the look out for updates and upcoming events.

Thank you,

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